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Police can now access Apple phones with a dead persons Fingerprint and Face ID

Technology has always been credited with making it easy for crimes to be solved quickly. But the truth is technology could also be an hindrance in solving a crime quickly. This is common in the case of accessing devices used in perpetrating a crime. Since people are becoming more conscious of their privacy and where their data is being stored at any point in time. Companies that deals in storage of data and information are also tightening their data access policies and upgrading their systems hardware and software promptly.

The level of data security and privacy a device posses is now a major marketing point for this cooperation. As welcome as these improvements are, it is surely making it very difficult for government agencies to gather intelligence and access devices used in committing a crime.

The silver lining to the whole debacle, is that cops can now access any device as long as the owner of such device is dead. Since the law has made it very clear that a dead person has no privacy right, so what doesn’t exist can’t be violated.

The only exception to this is that some devices are being co-owned, which means the co-owner needs to give permission before such devices is being accessed.

So instead of having to pay a huge amount of money to cracking and hacking organization, security agencies can now access a deceased phone with his or her finger print or face ID.

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