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.NG Domain Usage Statistics

In December 2017, the web hosting company HUB8 conducted a study on the use of domain names in the national domain of Nigeria named .NG.

According to the Nigeria Internet Registration Association, 100,973 domains were registered in .NG domain zone on November 30, 2017. HUB8 has made a research on 89,165 domain names in the .NG domain zone and created the following report which describes the details of the usage of .NG domains as relating to website hosting.

The report does not include data on premium domains (about 2,000) and some special domains that are technically registered though not used by end users.

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Distribution by domain zones

.NG domain distributionThe most popular domain zone is .COM.NG, having almost 70% of all national domains registered.

The .NG domain zone comes next although within the zone a domain name is shorter but domain registration here costs several times more than in while .ORG.NG which is usually used by non-profit organizations ranks third with a large backlog.

Domain zoneNumber
of domains

Active websites

Active websitesThere are currently 38,864 websites in the .NG domain, not including the sites that fail to open due to the connection timeout, redirects and the ones throwing an error (page is not found).

The existing sites are hosted only in half of the .COM.NG and one-third of the .NG domains.


of domains



Operating status of .NG and .COM.NG domains

Operating status

Operating sites are reported on 45% of .COM.NG and .NG domains. 15% of registered domains are with errors indicating ”connection time-out” presumably for some temporary problems regarding hosting or channels.
About 3% of domains are redirected to other sites and the same number displaying error pages such as “404 Page Not Found” or “500 Server Error”.

Active website34,32045,3%
Not resolving24,90632,9%
Time out11,31415%
Website error2,4293,2%

Hosting country of .COM.NG and .NG domain sites

Hosting countries for .NG domainThe dominant countries where site hosting often occurs were determined for the .NG and .COM.NG domains.
The overwhelming number of sites are located in the US (72%).
Out of the 34,000 sites, less than 1,000 are located in Nigeria, which is only 2.3% of the total.
The country of origin for the remaining 3% of sites could not be identified so Nigeria’s share is slightly larger though still not comparable with the amount of hosting abroad.

of domains
United States24,77272,2%
United Kingdom1,3413,9%
South Africa1,2303,6%

Content Management Systems of the .COM.NG and .NG domains

Content management systems in .NG domainOften used Content Management System was detected in the existing websites, stating that the most popular CMS is expected to be WordPress, being installed on every one in three sites in the .NG and .COM.NG domains.

WordPress has a 78% share of all used CMS. Blogging is currently very popular in Nigeria: almost 1,500 domains are affiliated with

Specialized CMS utilized for e-commerce; such as Magento, Prestashop, Shopify, WooCommerce, nopCommerce, osCommerce and X-Cart use about 500 sites in the .COM.NG and .NG zones.

CountryNumber  of domainsShare
No CMS19,51356,9%
Other CMS1710,5%

Websites with the longest domain names

The longest .NG domain name with operational website:

The longest domain names in second level .NG domains with operational websites:

.NG and .COM.NG domains ranked by domain name length

.NG domain length chart.NG domain tends to have shorter domain names – most popular choice is 6-8 characters comparing to 8-10 characters of .COM.NG domain names.

Download .NG report and infographics

Download .NG Domain Usage Statistics (PDF)
Download infographics (PDF, PNG)

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About HUB8

HUB8 NigeriaHUB8 is a global web hosting company helping brands and individuals easily set-up a website. Our ultimate goal is to become a Growth Partner for individuals and small enterprises in emerging markets in Africa, Asia and Latin America.
We are providing FREE web hosting because we are aware that people in these countries postpone launching a website due to the investments involved.
We want to make it possible for all to have a personal or business website without worrying about the costs.

We have created this report to promote the national domain of Nigeria .NG.
Register your .NG domain today!

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