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Five Benefits of VPS Hosting

A Virtual Private Server is a virtual machine that is been sold as a service by an internet hosting service. In the past few years, VPS hosting has gained a lot of recognition in the world of hosting. For those in need of an all in all perfect, and affordable web hosting solution, that will serve you well, this article is meant for you.

Here are some for the benefit you get to enjoy when you register for a HUB8 VPS hosting plan.

  • Free Domain Name (COM.NG) and 20% discount for annual purchase.
  • Daily BackUp
  • Free SSL
  • Clustered nameservers.
  • DDOS attack protection.
  • ISP manager control panel free for the first month.

The following are the five benefits of VPS hosting:

Virtual Control: Just like with a dedicated server, Virtual Private Servers gives you total control over the server space allocated to you.
So if your projects need a lot of spaces for additional installations and implementations of supporting software, then the VPS hosting plan is your best bet. Having the root access to the server gives you the overall control of the server environment to make it serve your purpose. This will allow you to install any software of your choice to aid your work without having to compromise. This is unlike the shared web servers which are typically optimized for security performance as best as it can be, as such, there are many software packages that it doesn’t support means there are limitations to what kind of software you can install. Operating on a private server proffer the solutions to all these.

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Secured and Reliable: On a shared web hosting plan, server resources are being distributed across several websites. This way each website on the shared hosting plan can pose a security risk to the other on the server. The uptime of your website and its performance can be influenced by other websites operating on the same server. What this simply means is that if one of the hosted website malfunctions and crash the server, other websites including yours that are on the same server with it might also be affected. If you are not willing to take on this kind of risks, especially for those operating a business website, it is better you opt in for a VPS hosting option, where you need not worry about other websites crashing and affecting you.

More Resources: If you are just launching your new website with the plan of developing it into a bigger one, scaling your hosting resources with no technical problems is very crucial. This is one of the major benefits you will enjoy when you make use of a hosting plan. VPS is perfect for all types of website, so you won’t need to move your website data in case of upscaling.

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Dedicated IP address: If you are worried about having the identity of your website compromised or getting banned, due to an offence committed by another webmaster sharing the same IP address with you, the best bet is always to get yourself a VPS plan with a dedicated IP address.

VPS Hosting Plan Is Economical: With a VPS hosting plan, you can host as many websites you allocated space can take. This means if you are a webmaster, with multiple websites, rather than having to pay for multiple shared hosting. You can just pay for one cheap VPS hosting plan and host all your website on it.

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